Anders-Detweiler Funeral Home & Crematory

130 E. Broad St.
Souderton, Pennsylvania 18964
United States
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Funerals are at the core of our business. In 80 years of operation, we have learned how to conduct an incredible array of different funerals, thereby allowing you to choose the perfect method of remembering and celebrating the life of your dearly departed. Whether you want a big, raucous family affair or a somber, respectful religious observance, we are more than prepared to honor your request.

For individuals whose dying wishes included cremation, our crematory facilities are at their disposal. In addition to providing on-premises cremation, we also offer a number of separate options depending on whether you desire a viewing prior to the cremation or simply a discrete incineration. We also invite you to choose a personalized receptacle for all cremated remains.

We also provide a full range of monuments to our clients. This includes traditional headstones, as well as full-fledged statuary and classical markers like obelisks. We offer all of our monuments in a full range of different stone media and lettering choices that you feel will best represent the dearly departed.