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Our Weymouth Funeral Home is an Historic
Site having been an inn on the Boston to
Plymouth road in the 1700’s. It was known as
the Half Way House. Originally it was owned
by the Rice Family who also had a furniture
factory adjacent to the inn. Civil War Veteran
Willard Dunbar worked with the Rice Family
and was an “undertaker” as well as a Town of
Weymouth official. The property was also a
stop on the Underground Railroad for slaves
escaping from the South and headed for free-
dom in Canada.

After the l850’s when the railroads ended the
need for stage coaches the property became the
funeral director’s residence which was on occasion
utilized for funerals of those who had no home
of their own. In those days funerals were held
in the home of the deceased or from the home
of the deceased to the Church to which the
deceased belonged. Charlie W. Dunbar succeeded
his father Willard as a funeral director. In the
1930’s the property was revamped into a
funeral home. At that point in time funeral
homes were first being accepted by the public.

Charlie W. Dunbar employed my father
Mortimer N. Peck who eventually succeeded
him. In the early l930’s Charlie W. Dunbar
selected the location in Braintree for Mortimer
Peck. Originally it became operational in
South Braintree and in 1933 was located in the
center of town next to what was then the High
School where it remains to this day.

In 1951, the Peck Funeral Homes acquired the
John Hall Funeral Service in Quincy, MA.
who was originated in 1842. The Hall Funeral
Service handled the funeral of President and
Representative John Quincy Adams who died
at his desk in the House of Representatives in
Washington, D.C. in l848.


Pre-arrangements can be made from the com-
fort of your home. Pre-arrangements provide
peace of mind and allow for cost savings, espe-
cially as interest rates and inflation are both
increasing again.


When a death occurs in any family or among
friends, the grief is tremendous and the healing
time very long. Prearrangement will have a
positive impact on your family and friends
simply because you have made your own
decision. This peace of mind provides benefits
far beyond the dollars spent.


By paying in advance you may: Ensure that
money is available for your funeral service.
Provide peace of mind if you have no others to
make final arrangements. And to set aside
necessary funds to complete the payment for
those arrangements. Set funds apart from other
assets if you apply for certain social benefits.
We invite you to contact us with your
questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.